An advanced latest-generation machine park allows performing complex machining operations up to 5 axes simultaneously, guaranteeing the best results in quality and detail.

OEB guarantees one partner for all mechanical operations executing an integrated cycle comprising working on machine tools and grinding operations.


Industrialization from 3D to processing

Promptness, quality and confidentiality are the features which distinghish AMT group

AMT is a company that introduces itself into additive manufacturing and heat treatments, founded by the will of OEB and Veca, who have been working for many years  in motorsport, aerospace and medical fields.

The innovative start-up of the group was born as a spin-off by the experience gained previously by OEB through research projects on additive manufacturing, thanks to important collaborations with the academic world.

AMT is therefore able to provide a complete and certified part from the unfinished, made of additive, up to the most refined machining with relevant quality controls, thanks to skilled employees and PhDs in metallurgy, and to the expertises in cechanical machining field of its sharing companies.

The idea to bring together the efforts of OEB and VECA arises from the will to create, through AMT, a player of reference within additive manufacturing that, thanks to significant investments, has got immediately available:
> an internal metallurgical laboratory
> three DMLS printers already working on titanium and inconel nut able to print also other metals, such as aluminium and steel alloys
> two vacuum furnaces to handle internally all vacuum treatments required as post-final process of a part obtained by additive manufacturing.